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1968 MG MGC

$  26,900
For sale
1968 MG MGC
For sale
1968 MG MGC
For sale
1968 MG MGC
Year: 1968
Mileage: 27000

Offered here is a beautiful 1968 MGC that we've just acquired from its owner since the 1980s. This car has been lovingly cared for and serviced during that tenure. The care and maintenance it has received will be very clear when you see it and drive it. The MGC debuted in 1967 and was intended as British Motor Corporation's replacement for the Austin Healey 3000. Early press reviews were less than positive often citing heavy steering. It was later discovered however that press cars were delivered with under inflated tires. Over time the MGC has gained respect. Compared to Triumph's TR6 that followed it, the MGC's unit body construction results in a more solid feel than the body on frame Triumph. Equipped with modern radial tires properly inflated, the MGC is indeed a very nice car to drive. Its torsion bar front suspension absorbs rough surfaces well and overdrive equipped MGCs like ours here make very comfortable long distance cruisers. Between the unit body, torsion bar suspension and low overdrive provided rpms, the MGC won't wear out its driver whether on day trip or an extended tour. It's difficult to find much to fault on this one. The body is solid without any rust issues. It wears an older paint job that is still holding up very well. The finish is smooth and uniform and there is no bubbling, blistering, or cracking. On close examination, there is the occasional chip or nick but overall it's very nice. The beautiful red paint appears all the sharper contrasted against the car's chrome wire wheels. The chrome wires are new as well as tires. The interior is excellent. Seats, carpets, dash, door panels are all in great shape. The top is good as well. Mechanically, is starts, runs, and stops very well. It has good oil pressure and doesn't smoke or make any suspicious noises. The inherent balance of the straight six engine provides a particularly smooth feel and sound throughout the rev range. The exhaust system is nearly new. Based on the car's prior good maintenance and upkeep, we believe the prospect of "gotchas" on this car is very low. The gearbox shifts well with good synchromesh and the overdrive engages and disengages as it should. The MGC is relatively rare with only 8999 built and less than 2500 MGC convertibles sold in the U.S. during its production run. All things considered, the MGC is a very nice combination of a fun, reliable, classic British sports car that is still available at affordable prices. Given recent price trends, the MGC is a car you can buy for fun and enjoyment with the prospect of getting a financial return when it's time to move on. For questions or to inspect and drive this car, call John at 314-710-6600 or email to Thanks for looking!  

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Vehicle VIN: GCN1U2290G
Body Style: Convertible
Condition: used
Listing type: For sale
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: Rear Wheel Drive
Number of cylinders: I4
Number of speeds: 4Spd
Fuel type: Gasoline
Engine type: I6 2.9L
Exterior colors: Red
Interior colors: Black
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