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    Thank you for choosing Homsher Restoration LLC (DBA It's Alive Automotive (IAA)) for the repair or restoration of said vehicle. It is our desire that the process of repairing/restoring your vehicle will be an enjoyable and satisfying experience founded on the highest quality, best value, convenience, and no-surprises. In that spirit the undersigned customer understands, acknowledges, and accepts the following IAA policies. Customer hereby authorizes IAA to perform listed repairs/tasks/restoration, purchase necessary materials, and for employees to operate the said vehicle for the purpose of testing/inspecting. IAA is not responsible for loss or damage to the vehicle, or for articles left in the vehicle, in the case of fire, theft, or any cause beyond IAA control. Customer shall be responsible/invoiced for work performed on a time-and-material basis ($65/hr for body-work, $75/hr for mechanical/interior/assembly work, and $80/hr for sheet metal work. Parts will be marked up 20%). While cost and duration estimates will gladly be discussed/documented throughout the process, it is understood by the undersigned that these are only “estimates”, and may not reflect the final cost or duration, and shall not be used for negotiation or arbitration of any kind. The customer may at any time halt work and remove the vehicle upon payment of all outstanding invoices. All customer balances must be paid in full prior to delivery/pick-up of vehicle. Undersigned expressly acknowledges a mechanics lien on said vehicle to secure the amount of the repairs and agrees to pay reasonable attorney/court fees in the event legal action is necessary to enforce this contract. A storage/finance fee of $15/day will be assessed if car is not picked up and invoice balance paid within 30 days of either: 1) notification from IAA of completion of the work, or 2) customer’s election to stop work on vehicle

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